Tinder Is Working On Video Features, And Here Are 3 Things You Can Expect

Depending on who you talk to, Tinder couldn't get any worse/better. That might change, however, when Tinder introduces video capabilities in the near future. According to The Drum, co-founder of the dating app Sean Rad says "eventually users will have the ability to leverage video in their profiles" and digital dating as we know it will be revolutionized yet again. Granted, video dating was a thing back in the 80's, but harnessing Tinder's functionality and adding video definitely qualifies as a game changer.

On the plus side, this new addition means you could get a way better feel for your matches before actually having to meet them in person. It's also more difficult to lie about your looks and who you are on video, so it could conceivably cut down on catfishing, too. On the minus side, there is not a shred of doubt in my mind that those who use Tinder as a sick, misogynistic playground will get a kick out of aggressively sending unsolicited live action dick clips and other equally unsavory and unwelcome home movies. Only time will tell whether video will make Tinder more palatable or more worth ditching, but until then, let's go over three possible outcomes once again:

1. You Will Have Access To More In-Depth Views Of Matches


Who doesn't want to see the total package before you waste your time leaving the house for it?

2. There Will Be Less Catfishing


There is no doubt this is a good thing.

3. You Will Have Access To More In-Depth Views Of Matches That Are Creeps


It's not going to be pretty. Just…brace yourselves.

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