Cartoon Lip Art For Your Next Night Out

If you're one of those people who takes Halloween incredibly seriously, you're about to get on board with this cartoon lip art. It's exactly what it sounds like: There's a makeup artist who has achieved huge levels of Instafame by crafting cartoon characters around her lips. London-based make up artist Laura Jenkinson goes beyond the realm of most make up artists by using theatrical makeup and lipstick to create portraits of ~stars~ from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, and other classics. (Yes, those really are the movies I think of when I say "classics," minus, ya know, Casablanca. And Mean Girls.)

Jenkinson's brand goes even farther than just making these elaborate creations and posting them on Instagram. On her blog, she posts what she used to create each character. She has also expanded from animals, drawing human characters too. (Well, actually, are minions entirely human? Regardless, the point is she's got an expansive range of characters and talent.)

I'm not entirely sure how you'd incorporate these designs into a Halloween costume, but I have several suggestions, all with varying ranges of actual possibility. Like, am I the only person who thinks a loose black skirt, a green crop top and an Ariel mouth design would be kinda awesome? (See what I mean about the varying levels of actual possibility?)

Take a look at Jenkinson's cartoon lip art creations and you can imagine your own costume ideas to match:

1. Minion lips

2. Genie lips

That quote. My heart.

3. Bugs Bunny lips

It's missing something without the carrot.

4. Stitch lips

Then you just need someone to dress up as Lilo.

5. Mickey lips

If only JT has worn this during his Mickey Mouse Club career.

6. Timone lips

7. Lips that will make you cry

Can anyone see this Up character and still hold it together, without bursting into tears?

8. Daisy Duck lips

While we're at it, I wouldn't say no to those eyelashes.

For those of us who aren't going to be rocking these lips (but are loving admiring them from afar), Jenkinson's other makeup artistry is not to be missed:

9. Blue glitter lips

Don't tell me you don't secretly want to rock that at some point in your life.

Image: Laura Jenkinson/Instagram