Amber Riley To Star In Christmas Movie Musical & It Will Be The Best Thing To Happen To Christmas Music Since Mariah Carey

It may as well be Christmas in July, because the news dropped that on Monday that another former Glee star is coming back to our TV screens sometime soon. Amber Riley will star in My One Christmas Wish, a made-for-TV Christmas movie this holiday season. As much as I love the sunshine, this news has me itching for the snow to start falling, because you know the album to come from this movie will be the best thing to happen to Christmas carols since Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” With Riley's wickedly talented set of pipes, I am anticipating a new Christmas album for the ages.

Riley plays Jackie Turner, a successful college student who has overcome a rough life full of abuse and abandonment. Even though she has completely turned her life around, the holidays still plague her, and she puts an ad up on Craigslist for — what else? — a family. If that’s not the saddest thing you’ve ever heard, among the flood of offers in response to her ad, a TON of other lonely people write to her about how they feel similarly overwhelmed during the holiday season. Totally inspired by the outpouring of support, Jackie throws a huge Christmas party to find families for her and her fellow lonely hearts. Someone hand me some tissues and a hairbrush to sing into, because this movie musical is bound to leave me wrecked. Hopefully the killer Christmas soundtrack will ease the pain.

The movie, which will be Riley's first feature-length film, is currently under way in Vancouver and will also star Matrya Fedor, Prscilla Faia, Ali Skovbye, Ken Tremblett, and Jarod Joseph.

Make room in your mom’s five-CD spinner this holiday season. This Christmas album will be one to play on the regular.

Image: Getty Images; Fox; Amber Riley/Instagram