Emilia Clarke Wears Seriously Stripey Tights, Proves That No Pattern Is Off Limits

I am nothing if not a huge tights fan; I wear them pretty much every time it happens to drop below 70 degrees here in Los Angeles. So when I see ultra-stylish celebrities rocking my favorite closet staple, I get very excited. Last time this happened, it was when , and this time, it's because the Mother of Dragons (AKA Emilia Clarke) was recently photographed on the set of wearing black and yellow striped stockings — bumblebee style.

To be sure, it's a look that it takes considerable style guts to pull off. Bumblebee tights are a very rare sight outside of Halloween (in fact, I could only find them at online costume shops), but if anyone can do it, it's Emilia. After all, she is the former Khaleesi, and has kind of been the best thing ever. Plus, she's styled to perfection — the stockings in question were paired with a classic white button down, a simple navy skirt (along with a killer matching belt), and some Mary Jane pumps. The overall effect is less Big Bird and more Blair Waldorf.

Want to give the (admittedly tricky) look a try? Here are a few shopping options for the braver of the tights-fans among us:

Black and Yellow Stripes

, $6,

Crazy? Yes. Awesome? Also yes.

Black and White Stripes

Black and White Striped Tights, $26,

A little less bumblebee and a little more Beetlejuice — it's a different take on the look, but no less kooky and fun.

Sheer Stripes

Sheer Luxe Solid Stripe Pantyhose, $22, American Apparel

For a slightly more sultry take on the look, give striped sheer pantyhose a try.


Pretty Bonnie Tights, $25,

If stripes aren't quite your deal, but you're still interested in rocking a funky pattern, tartan might be a cool option.

Polka Dots

Large Polka Dot Pattern Tights, $8, Nordstrom

Last, but not least, you can always go for the Lichtenstein look in some stylish polka dots!

Images: Getty Images; Twitter