14 People Freaking Out About Blue Bell

by Kendyl Kearly

We're well into summer now, which has made Blue Bell's ice cream recall completely disastrous to ice cream fans across the nation. Ice cream lovers the country over are starting to realize what a summer without Blue Bell tastes like — spoiler: it ain't good — and are releasing their outrage the best way we know how: devastated Tweets and sad-face emojis.

A bit of background: The FDA recalled several Blue Bell Creameries products in March, suspecting that they infected five people with listeria. The outbreak has been linked to three deaths and 10 hospitalizations, according to The Houston Chronicle. Because the product has a shelf life of two years and listeria can grow in the refrigerator, disappointed consumers had to clean out their kitchens (and freezers, even!) of the treats.

Some people just couldn't handle the news that they could no longer eat their favorite brand of ice cream. As someone who spent her high school days serving petulant customers in an ice cream shop, I know exactly how dramatic people can get over their ice cream However, the staggering amount of emotion involved in recalling Blue Bell is unbelievable. Much of the melodrama comes from Texas, Blue Bell Creameries' home state, where some people have even started posting signs in their yards that read, "God Bless Blue Bell."

Although Blue Bell will make its way back to shelves one day, these dessert devotees are going to have to find a way to deal with not having Blue Bell pints in their freezers.

The Person Who Hates Oklahoma

I cannot fully grasp what an insult this person means Oklahoma to be, but it sounds bad. No taquitos is probably making everything worse.

The Person Who Refuses To Start Summer

Because the seasons aren't caused by the Earth's tilt on an axis. It's based on the access to Blue Bell.

The Person Who Needs A Hug

I'm not sure if he's crying about the recall or life. For the time being, won't Ben & Jerry's or Häagen-Dazs help for either?

The Person Who Is Lactose Intolerant

This person maybe shouldn't be eating Blue Bell right now. For a reason that's nothing to do with listeria. But who am I to judge?

The Radio Station Setting A Bad Example

A waiver usually isn't a good sign when consuming food. You know, FYI.

The Person Who Needs A T-Shirt To Commemorate This

Again, we are getting awfully dramatic about ice cream. Texas really seems to hate going without Blue Bell.

The Person Who Is Fearless

This user had to post a picture of the ice cream to prove how serious he is. Do the Navy SEALS know about him?

The Person Going Through A Bad Breakup

What are you supposed to eat during a breakup with ice cream? It's the food we turn to during depression.

The Person Who Found An Empty Freezer

What's a little listeria for pure joy and deliciousness?

The Person Who Compared Blue Bell To Christ

Should brands start printing Scripture next to the nutrition facts? Even for an extreme ice cream enthusiast such as myself, this is a bit much.

The Person Having A Cathartic Moment

It might be because Blue Bell is a southern brand, but people have made this ice cream seem like a Biblical era miracle. Some of these people might clutch their pearls and pass out at any moment.

The Person Who Is Ready For The Apocalypse

Texas is really having a rough time right now.

The Person Willing To Risk Everyone's Lives

It doesn't matter what happens to people as long as they get their pints of caramel turtle cheesecake. These tweets really convey the seriousness of the situation.

The Person Who Will Never Let Go

Blue Bell will always have a place in this fan's freezer. This outbreak is shaping up be a dramatic love story, more heart-wrenching than anything Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio ever filmed. The whole state of Texas is waiting for you, Blue Bell.

Images: Getty Images