Will There Be 'Ted 3'? You Might Not Have Seen The Last Of Seth MacFarlane's Potty-Mouthed Bear

After years of waiting, the sequel to Ted is finally here! On Friday, Jun 26, Ted 2, the sequel to Seth MacFarlane's raunchy 2012 comedy, was released in theaters, and it's already making a huge impact, with the movie being expected to bring in a ton of money at the box office in its opening weekend. Clearly, making a second movie in the franchise was a good idea, and it's only a matter of time before the possibility of a third one becomes real. Considering how well Ted 2 is likely going to do and how excited fans are to see it, it's only reasonable to ask: will there be a Ted 3 ?

According to one cast member, a third film is a definite go (when asked, Ted 2's representatives had no comment on the matter). In an interview with ComicBook.com earlier this month, Sam Jones (aka Flash Gordon) revealed that he'd already agreed to take part in the series' next film. Said the actor, "I just signed on for Ted 3 . We're moving onwards and upwards, it's wonderful. It's a great adventure at this time in my life."

So if Jones' words are to believed (and why wouldn't they be?), then there's officially another Ted movie coming out way, probably in the next few years. There's no confirmation yet from MacFarlane or any of the other people involved, but considering how successful the first movie is and how well the sequel is expected to do, it's not a stretch to think that an official okay is just around the corner.

And making Ted 3 would certainly be a great move on Universal's part. Now, there's just the question of what story it's going to follow. Will it continue the same plot from the second movie, or take on something entirely new? Here are six theories for what Ted 3 could be about (spoilers from Ted 2 to follow):

1. Ted And Tami-Lynn Raise Their Kid

It'd certainly be entertaining to watch Ted and Tami-Lynn attempt to raise their child, Apollo Creed, considering how unconventional their marriage is. How will they actually be as parents?

2. Apollo's Teddy Bear Comes To Life

At the end of the movie, John gave Apollo a little teddy bear, and told him to wish for it to come alive. Say it actually happens, and Ted's kid has a Ted of his own — how insane would that be?

3. John And Ted Give Up Weed

It's not realistic, but it'd make for an interesting movie.

4. Sam Decides She's Fed Up, Commiserates With Lori

Sure, Sam and John seem to be in love, but chances are, she won't be able to deal with his "haha, I'm not really dead!" "jokes" for much longer. I can see her finding Lori and bonding with her over John and Ted's immaturity.

5. It's An Entire Movie Surrounding Flash Gordon

It could happen.

6. Tom Brady Gets His Revenge

After getting woken up by a middle-aged man and his teddy bear looking at his privates, Brady must be pissed. A third movie could see the athlete getting even with the duo, and it'd be so, so much fun to watch.

If Ted 3 is truly happening, there's a lot of material MacFarlane and co. could choose from; may the best plot win, so that the next time we encounter Ted in theaters, he's doing something even more crazy, ridiculous, and totally entertaining than he's done in the two films out already.

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