Beyonce's Newest Selfie Is Makeup-Free Flawless

All hail the queen. Beyonce posted a makeup-free swimsuit selfie and I'm literally amazed by how gorgeous she looks (surprise, surprise). OK, maybe not that amazed because let's face it, Bey's pretty much flawless. Completely ready for summer, the multi-talented diva posed in her naturally glowing skin and a pink monokini that was super chic. The rosy-toned bathing suit and the golden embellishments on her arm perfectly compliment her skin tone and make her look like a complete bohemian goddess.

Also, can we please note on how amazing her hairdo looks? Yeah, it's pretty much everything right now. The high ponytail braid is such a great look on Bey, and I'm glad that it's been making an appearance again as of late. I mean, did you see her bedazzled dress at the Met Gala? She also sported the similar high ponytail that looked just as great on her.

But honestly, with confidence and sass like Beyoncé, she can pretty much rock any hairstyle. Personally, I always love rocking a hairstyle that keeps the hair out of my face at times, and if it looks as stylish as Bey's ponytail braid, I'm all for it:

I fell in love with her braid so much that I decided to try it for myself and wanted to share the steps for how you can achieve Bey's same flawless look.

1. Pull your hair in a high ponytail and use a thin comb to brush out the fly-aways

Just like you would with any other high ponytail, grab all your hair starting from the bottom and lift up the ponytail closer and closer to the crane of your head. From there, brush out your hair starting from the tip of your scalp towards the crane and lock in all your hair with a sturdy hair tie. Use a thin comb to make sure there aren't any bumps in your ponytail. (Conair Fine Tooth Comb,, $9.99)

2. Apply frizz-controlled serum on the top

Once you're done getting your high ponytail on point, there may be baby hairs that stick out or are just plain out of control (at least for me there always is). Use a frizz-controlled serum to tame them and get that sleek look like Beyoncé's. (Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame,, $22)

3. Start the braid at the root of the ponytail and swing it to the side

Before you start braiding make sure to tighten your ponytail one more time before you begin for extra hold. I like to keep my ponytail all the way at the top. It just depends on how high you want it. Start normal braiding from the root of the ponytail and follow through all the way to the end. You can apply more frizz-serum to the entire braid if needed.

And voila! You've got Queen Bey written all over you. Werk.

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