Milk Chocolate Might Have The Same Beauty & Health Benefits As Dark Chocolate, So Grab Those Hershey's Kisses

The beauty and health benefits of dark chocolate seemed to get touted on the daily while milk chocolate just sits in the corner crying. But it might just be milk chocolate's time to shine because a recent study from Heart journal found milk chocolate might have the same beauty and health benefits as its dark counterpart, as reported in Byrdie. Whether you're on team milk or dark, it looks like everybody comes out a winner this time.

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen conducted the study published in Heart, and were out to test whether or not people who ate somewhere between 16 and 100 grams of chocolate daily would lower their risks of cardiovascular disease and strokes. Its 21,000 participants revealed incredible results: chocolate eaters had lowered their risk of cardiovascular disease by 14%, along with a 23% lowered risk of strokes. Dang, chocolate.

The really surprising part is that the study didn't discriminate between dark and milk chocolate. In fact, the majority of participants reported eating milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is generally considered better for you because of the higher concentration of cocoa flavonoids, but the results of this study may mean it's time to consider alternative explanations. Whatever, as long as the study didn't find chocolate (or delicious beauty products made with chocolate) to be horribly unhealthy, I can sleep easy at night.


Image Credit: Giphy