A Definitive Ranking Of 'PLL' Parents

by Caitlin Flynn

Let's be real here, the town of Rosewood has as many dysfunctional families as it does inept police officers, kidnappings, and murders per capita. As the plot of Charles' identity on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 continues to thicken (we're looking at you, Kenneth DiLaurentis), I'm starting to think we may need a detailed infographic to keep track of who's related to who in Rosewood. Because, well, the parents of Pretty Little Liars have more secrets and lies than the Liars themselves. And it's probably safe to assume that things are going to get a lot more complicated for one or more of these families as the details about Charles' life begin to emerge. So, which parents stand above the rest in Rosewood?

The Liars are basically never at home or at school when they're supposed to be because they're, you know, traipsing through the dark woods trying to outsmart A and solve multiple homicides on their own (because we all know the Rosewood Police Department can't be relied on for anything). Still, I can't remember a time when a parent asked the simple question many of us heard so often in high school: "Where have you been?" Frankly, I'm not sure how many of the parents on this list would have even noticed their daughters had been kidnapped if Toby hadn't alerted the Hastings.

Now, that's not to say all of the parents in Rosewood are total failures at raising their children — some of them have come a long way since we first met them, while others have offered up legal advice in place of unconditional love. And, for better or worse, a few of them are willing to do anything for their daughters. But what makes a good parent in Rosewood? Here's a definitive ranking of the Pretty Little Liars parents from worst to best:

10. Kenneth DiLaurentis

I can't decide whether Mr. D. is on the A team or if he's just a generally sketchy human being. Either way, he's pretty much the worst parent ever. He ditched his kids after their mom died and was less than supportive of Ali when she returned home. And don't even get me started on how he didn't even visit Ali in prison after she was framed for Mona's murder — he did show up for the trial, though, which was mighty big of him. (Rolls eyes.)

9. Jessica DiLaurentis

RIP, Mrs. D. — but you buried your own daughter alive. Enough said.

8. Tom Marin

Tom skipped out on our beloved Hanna and Ashley and since then, he's only periodically reappeared long enough to make us hate him even more than we did the last time he graced our TV screens. His last fine moment as a parent was refusing to help Hanna pay for college because his stepdaughter's education was his priority. Seriously, dude?

7. Byron Montgomery

Bryon's not the only philandering parent in Rosewood, but he sure picked a real gem to cheat with — then he pressured Aria to help him cover up the affair. Sure, Byron cut ties with Meredith after she drugged Aria and locked her, Emily, and Hanna in the basement, because, apparently, his kids are totally his priority, but he should've seen the warning signs before. I hope he's enjoying Syracuse (that isn't sarcasm — I really hope he is, because I don't want to see him back in Rosewood anytime soon).

6. Peter Hastings

I don't want to live in a world where Melissa is the favored child in the Hastings household. #TeamSpencer

5. Pam Fields

It was hard to forgive her for the way she treated Emily when she first came out, but Pam wins the prize for "Most Improved Parent in Rosewood."

4. Veronica Hastings

My point about the favoritism towards Melissa still applies, but at least Veronica makes herself useful by being the smartest parent in the room, offering the Liars much-needed legal advice, and putting Detective Wilden in his place.

3. Ella Montgomery

Poor, unlucky-in-love Mama Montgomery. She's both loving and resilient and she does her best to be there for Aria. Ella has been a source of strength for her daughter since she returned home from the dollhouse and she always offers wise words of advice. Fingers crossed that the next guy she meets isn't a total sleaze — she deserves better.

2. Wayne Fields

At least there's one good dad on this list! His unconditional love and acceptance of his daughter makes him a winner in my book and he tried to be a voice of reason with Pam when she had a minor stroke over Emily's sexuality. Props.

1. Ashley Marin

Ashley would do anything for Hanna and she's been there for her through break-ups, an arrest, and multiple disappointments courtesy of Tom Marin. She took her to smash plates when Caleb left for Ravenswood and has broken multiple laws to protect her daughter. Ashley may not always be a perfect human, but she's a pretty perfect mother.

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