Kaitlyn & Nick Viall's 'Bachelorette' Date Proved That They Have Serious Chemistry Even In The Daylight

Say what you want about contestant Nick Viall, but he is killing it on The Bachelorette (round two). OK, so he might not have earned any favor with the other guys who are still in the running when Kaitlyn let him join midseason, but their opinions aren't what matters — Kaitlyn's is. And, so far, those two crazy kids have incredible chemistry, so like it or not, it seems like he'll be hanging around for awhile. This week, The Bachelorette went to Ireland, and Kaitlyn and Nick's one-on-one date proved that he truly makes her happy.

Although their date began during the day and extended into the night, the daytime portion of their outing was actually really cute. They took a stroll in a park, joined in on an irish jig, and battled Kaitlyn's worst fear: Birds. Actually, this is how I know that Nick's feelings for Kaitlyn are real, because if they weren't, he wouldn't look at her so adoringly after she ran away from harmless flock of birds screaming. Nope, this is the real deal, and it's easy to see even if they weren't both constantly talking about the passion they have between them. (And I do mean, constantly.)

And sorry, guys, but this date may have sold me on the two of them together. They're adorable, they're giggly, and Kaitlyn seems to be happy in a way that she hasn't been with anyone else. And honestly, with the stressful season she's had so far and the guys she's had to deal with (cough cough, Ian), she deserves to have fun.

Even if you're not crazy about Nick, if you're watching this show, you're probably rooting for Kaitlyn's happiness, and at this point, they seem to be a package deal.

Image: Felicia Graham/ABC