Lady Gaga’s Exercise Selfie Has An Unexpectedly Body Positive Spin As Singer Works To Keep Hip Healthy

In Lady Gaga's world, even a selfie of her early morning exercising routine makes an unexpected statement, much like her lavish and unpredictable wardrobe. Lady Gaga's exercise selfie was body positive and I love her for it.

Gaga, who has taken critics to task for slamming her for weight fluctuation and even launched her Body Revolution Movement in response, shared a photo of the exercises she does in order to keep her surgically repaired hip in good shape and to maintain it so that she can continue to dance like crazy while entertaining her Little Monsters.

Because of this particular workout, Gaga's tummy looked distorted. It was concave, bony, and looked super skinny. But the singer was quick to point out that she is not "that thin" and that her abdomen looks that way simply because of the way that she stretches.

So overall, it was an accidental body positive image, but it sent a message.

It's important that Mother Monster took care to cut off potential criticism at the pass and to let her fans know that she loves her body and isn't working out like crazy in order to get super skinny. A Body Revolution indeed.

See Gaga in action:

Kudos to Gaga for getting up early to do her hip exercises to alleviate her pain and to make sure she remains able to perform. Her surgery took place in 2013 and she is still working on her hip and its strength, and that's so admirable.

Clearly, Gaga has quite the limber body. Check out this leggy photo of how she plays piano, practically with her toes. I love this image of her in her most natural state — making music.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (2)