Are Josh Hutcherson & Claudia Traisac In It For The Long Haul? These Signs All Point To "Yes"

Paradise found! Josh Hutcherson, who stars in Escobar: Paradise Lost, has finally started talking about his girlfriend. It might have taken him forever and a day to admit to dating his costar in the upcoming movie. But now, Josh Hutcherson is opening up about dating Claudia Traisac, making them official as a couple and making it OK to gush over how cute they are together.

Hutcherson revealed at the movie premiere that the two met while working on the film together. And it seems like he's really happy that they did. "It's pretty good," the actor told E! of their romance. "Distance is hard, but we make it work." And Traisac had a couple of sweet things to say about her beau as well. "I'm really happy," she said. "It's really great."

Aww! How fitting is it that the two explore the possibility of a romantic relationship in their new movie? Sure, the narrative about Hutcherson's surfer character falling in love with Traisac's niece of a drug kingpin role is not exactly a romantic comedy. But hey, what better way to get your hearts pumping than to be a part of an action thriller with your love?

Adorably enough, these two have given off signs that this is not just a short-lived love. There are a few signs that point to them being in it for the long haul.


As alluded to before, these two have taken their sweet time in announcing their relationship to the world. (Fun fact: they've reportedly been dating for about two years.) This shows that they don't care too much about the spotlight aspect of their relationship like certain stars do and that they are taking it seriously by figuring things out on their own first before any declarations.

Supporting Each Other

When they have talked about each other, they have nothing but supportive things to say, as indicated by their most recent happy reports on each other. But even in the past, Hutcherson has seemed supportive and understanding of his lady friend. On the topic of dating Traisac, he told Glamour, "As far as I’m concerned, you’re both actors, you understand each other’s lifestyle, so it’s a very natural thing to have happen." It seems like he gets where she is coming from, and vice versa.

Common Interests

As the old saying goes, we like people who are like us. And as it turns out, they definitely share some common interests, especially acting. Seeing as it is definitely not the typical 9 to 5 job, these two probably have oodles to talk about over their dates. It doesn't hurt that they're featured in the same movie! Also, they both seem to enjoy motorcycle rides. So there's that!

Overcoming Obstacles

As Hutcherson said, distance can be quite hard for any couple. It's actually a deal-breaker for many. But take that with the added challenges about being a celebrity and having a hectic schedule, not to mention people in your business on a regular basis. It's really awesome to see them outweigh any negatives with positives!

If you're a fan of this couple, be sure to catch them in Escobar: Paradise Lost, which comes out June 26. They likely will not disappoint!