Who Is Da'Vonne Rogers On 'Big Brother 17'? The Poker Dealer Has A Strategy That Will Be Tough To Beat

Even though we are still one day away from the premiere of Season 17 of Big Brother , it's not too early to call who the big players are going to be. Big Brother guest Da'Vonne Rogers, from Inglewood, CA, already seems to be one of this season's best bets. She has been watching Big Brother since day one, studying the game, and preparing her approach to taking home $500,000. Each season, there are all types of people who find their way into the Big Brother house — some who are down to earth, and some who are more than a little "out there." Da'Vonne comes across completely real in her Big Brother interviews. I can already tell she will have no time for anyone's foolishness, but thankfully she does have a good sense of humor about herself.

What separates Da'Vonne from the pack is her laser focus on winning the game. When chatting to CBS' Jeff Schroeder, she relates everything about her personal life back into her game strategy. Even when Schroeder tried to ask her some "emotional" questions, she found a way to make her answers part of her plan to win. She never takes her eye off of the game, which, in the Big Brother house, is crucial for making it to the end.

Here'a little more about Da'Vonne Rogers, the Big Brother 17 houseguest who wants you to be one of her ride or die fans.

She's a Single Mom

Da'Vonne shares a lot about her relationship with her daughter. As difficult as it will be to be away from her, Da'Vonne sees the separation as motivation. She's doing the show strictly for her daughter and to build a foundation for her life. As tough as Da'Vonne is, she also knows that being a parent will help her gain some sympathy in the house.

She Comes From a Very Religious Family

Her mother was a minister, and her uncle was a pastor. And it shows. In her Big Brother profile, she writes about what she'd want to bring with her to the house: "I’d also want my Bible. I know these people are going to push my buttons. I need my Bible to keep from exploding."

She's Got Mean Poker Face

Da'Vonne is a professional poker dealer. As she puts it, “In order to be a great poker dealer, you’ve got to be a great poker player.” She doesn't intend on telling anyone about her job since it will reveal that she's a pro at bluffing. Instead, she plans on telling everyone in the house that she's a school teacher.

She's Not Going to Hook Up in the House

After just getting out of an eight year relationship, Da'Vonne admittedly has no interest in getting involved with anyone romantically on the show. Aside from the drama, she thinks it would just put too big of a target on her back.

She's Loud

It's the first thing that Da'Vonne admits about herself during interviews. She thinks her loud and direct manner might get under some people's skin, but not enough to make her an enemy in the house.

She's a Tiger

No, really. When asked if she could be any animal in the zoo, without hesitation she answered, "Tiger."

She Has Big Plans For this Season

She's already divulged some of her strategy, which includes throwing the first Head of Household game as well as having two people in her true alliance and a few suckers in her fake alliances to get her to the end.

She's Already Ahead of the Game

Looks like everyone in the house will be clamoring to get on Da'Vonne's good side. And for good reason. This is one house guest that you don't want to cross.

Image: CBS(2), big brother live feed videos/YouTube(3)