Farewell, Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man (Twitter Is Not Taking His Departure Very Well)

The club's going up on a Tuesday, and so is the blood pressure of comic book lovers everywhere. Marvel released the casting of its new Spider-Man iteration: a baby Brit by the name of Tom Holland, who was born in 1996. And if you think that Holland looks familiar, it's because even though he's young, he's no newcomer to Hollywood — he played Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot. And while this news, maybe exciting to some and is obviously a big move for Holland's career, many are still heartbroken and destroyed by the loss of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.

And if you think that "heartbroken and destroyed" is a melodramatic estimation, you may be right, but this distress comes from the mouths of fans themselves. Or rather, the tweets. There's mourning in the air, some saying that Marvel didn't do right by Garfield, and that Holland will pale in comparison to Andrew Garfield's take on Peter Parker.

Logistically, the move makes some sort of (spidey) sense: when Marvel and Sony teamed up and decided to bring Spider-Man into the Avengers universe, they agreed that Spider-Man had to be a wee little hatchling since the new Spider-Man stories will take place while Parker is still in high school. That's all well and good, and obviously, even though Garfield looks quite young and fresh for 32, he does not look 17, and we have to concede to that.

But losing Andrew Garfield still feels way harsh. So as a final goodbye to him, I just want to say, you deserved more, pal. You had all the right qualities: you played such a great loner, misunderstood but not bitter; you and Emma Stone playing Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey in love made our hearts break like middle school girls because the chemistry was just TOO real. I'm sorry the writers gave you so little to work with, Garf. You truly captured the sarcastic wit of Spider-Man that makes him such a pain in the ass to his enemies. I salute you, and just know that Twitter does too. May you move on to bigger and better things.

Oh, and congratulations, Tom Holland. I guess.

Image: Sony Pictures; Giphy