How To Stream 'Suits' Season 5, Because No One Should Miss Out On Donna's Glares Or Harvey's Magical Wardrobe

The awesome USA network drama is back! That’s right, Suits is ready and raring to go for Season 5, which is sure to be filled with Donna’s glares, Harvey’s magical suits, Jessica’s flawless hair, Mike’s crazy intelligence, and Rachel putting up with all of this. I, for one, will be tuning in live on my television, but how do you stream Suits if you don’t have a television?

Before we go there, let’s backtrack to where the show left off at the end of Season 4. The season finale was a mix between flashbacks and present-day storytelling: We learned how Harvey and Forstman first became intertwined, and seeing Harvey in cheap suits as a D.A. was kind of funny, considering he now probably spends an equivalent to his District Attorney salary every year on liquor and cashmere socks. Rachel and Mike got engaged, and, more importantly, Rachel solved that whole Forstman thing, because she is a genius and too good for any of these people, minus Jessica. Oh, and speaking of Jessica, she’s mourning the loss of Jeff Malone. Donna left to work for Louis because she is in love with Harvey, Norma is dead, Forstman is long gone, and that’s where we’re at to start Season 5. A nice, clean slate.

Of course, you can’t enjoy this clean slate if you can’t watch Suits at all. If you’ve gone off the grid and given up cable, you have a few options on streaming devices. The first is Hulu, who currently has Seasons 1-4 of Suits ready and available for streaming, but the only caveat for the new season is that you’re at the mercy of whenever it’s posted to be able to watch (it’s usually the morning after the episode premieres). But, it’s free, so beggars can’t be choosers. Another option? You can watch a live stream of USA network using the USA Network’s website, but you have to sign in with a cable provider. (So, borrow a friend’s cable login, right?) Still, you may not be able to watch everything live. But you can watch as many episodes of SVU as you can handle, so count your blessings. Those two are your best options in terms of streaming the episodes, but options are better than nothing! After all, this season is going to be pretty interesting considering where it left off.

I have to say, I was pretty underwhelmed about Rachel and Mike getting engaged. Of course, the show has been like five seasons of will-they-or-won’t-they, but I really like Rachel when she’s kicking butt and taking names at the firm. It’s great that she’s with Mike, but I don’t want Suits to forget that she is actually one of the brains behind this operation.

A love story I am rooting for, though, is Donna and Harvey. Harvey knows that Donna is the brain behind his operation, and he’s just too caught up in his own stupid self to let himself be with her. Come on, Harvey! Let yourself feel! No one knows you like she does! You can bet I’ll be watching Suits to cheer these crazy kids on, and you should, too — whether on TV or online, nobody should miss this Season 5 premiere.

Images: Shane Mahood/USA Network