10 Best Rejected Presidential Campaign Slogans That Also Surprisingly Speak A Little Truth

Twitter has always been a dumping ground for everyone's opinions and politics, whether reasonable or insane, and the 2016 presidential race has created a hub of online discussion around everything the candidates do until next November. One hashtag, #RejectedPrezCampaignSlogans, has collected the most cynical tweets on the way our presidential hopefuls behave. But as much as these rejected presidential campaign slogans show how disillusioned we really are about the people who govern us, they also speak a little truth.

Social media is a huge platform for political debate. The rambling posts by all of your relatives on Facebook are something we all remember around election time. National Journal analyzed the social media explosion surrounding each candidate's presidential announcement. The study concluded that if Facebook were voting, the final race would be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the most popular online candidates. However, Twitter and Facebook aren't always the best indicators of who will win. Sometimes, like with the #RejectedPrezCampaignSlogans trend, they're just a way to reveal how much we disagree on seemingly every key issue.

Filled with memes, emojis, and more than a few gross plays on the word "bush," these funny tweets criticize each candidate for his or her voting record, physical appearance, and most noteworthy statements. Here are the 10 best ones:

The Person Who Is Over It

It's really not a good time for public opinion when it comes to politicians. They aren't the most popular people right now, online or not.

The Lesser Of Evils

This one could actually work. Somewhere, Republicans are fighting over the rights to this.

The Reverse Revolution

It's nice to see a concerned citizen proposing a levelheaded idea about the direction our country should head in. I hope Congress is reading this.

The Perfect Metaphor

The Republican Party should hire this guy. Their marketing team has been a little lacking lately.

Rick's Biggest Fan

Santorum definitely isn't the most beloved person on the internet.

The Person Who Is Probably Right

Although I'm usually not a fan of people reducing Hillary Clinton to only being a wife figure, this person might have it figured out.

The Really Honest One

A truthful candidate should admit the real reason he or she wants the job. The travel opportunities are wonderful.

The Bud Light Lime

Republican candidates do enjoy pretending they enjoy a good, cold beer from the working class. But Paul isn't quite all the way to libertarianism yet.

The Person Who Doesn't Want To Change The System

This suggestion embodies our laziness perfectly. If 40 percent of us won't even vote, how can we be expected to print new campaign signs?

The Person Who's Got It All Figured Out

If only Twitter were in charge. Oh, the heights this country could fly...