Prosecutor Jeanine Pirro's New Book 'He Killed Them All' Makes The Case Against HBO Series 'The Jinx's Robert Durst

The next true crime book you need to own is coming, and it's called He Killed Them Allby Jeanine Pirro. Does that title sound familiar, even though you haven't heard of the book before? It's probably because you've seen HBO's The Jinx.

Recall the chilling final scene (which there's no way you can forget): Real estate developer and suspected murderer Robert Durst, his interview mic still live, is alone in the bathroom when he says, "What did I do? Killed them all, of course." Now former New York City prosecutor Jeanine Pirro, who investigated the case and appeared as part of The Jinx, will publish a book making the case that Durst was speaking the truth in that bathroom. It's titled He Killed Them All: Robert Durst and My Quest for Justice , and will hit shelves November 3.

If you haven't seen The Jinx — first of all, stop everything and watch it now — or read up on the case, Durst is the wealthy son of a real estate mogul who is (more than highly) suspected of killing his wife Kathleen McCormack Durst after she disappeared in the early 2000s. He is currently in jail facing murder charges for allegedly killing his long-time friend Susan Berman, who was his alibi during the disappearance of his wife. Durst is suspected of murdering Berman after Kathleen's case was re-opened, and detectives were scheduled to re-interview Berman. Back in 2003, Durst was charged with the murder and dismemberment of his elderly neighbor Morris Black, but he was acquitted when he claimed self-defense.

In a book description, publisher Gallery Books describes Pirro's story:

[I]n this shocking book, she makes her case beyond a shadow of a doubt, revealing stunning, previously unknown secrets about the crimes he is accused of committing. Featuring Pirro’s unique insider’s perspective on the crimes, as well as her exclusive interviews with many of the major players featured in 'The Jinx,' this comprehensive book is the definitive story of Robert Durst and his gruesome crimes — the one you didn’t see on television.

Pirro, now the host of Fox News’ Justice With Judge Jeanine, was the district attorney that re-opened the Kathleen Durst case, and she has long been outspoken about believing Robert is guilty. When people suspected that Kathleen died of a mob hit, Pirro vehemently opposed them.

“I knew, I knew, I knew,” Pirro said to BloombergPolitics, “that Robert Durst killed her.”

Pirro went on to publicly pursue Durst for the murders, and even became a character herself in The Jinx, as Durst essentially blamed her for his need to get rid of Morris Black's body, claiming that because of the spotlight Pirro put on him, no one would believe it was self defense. (Reminder: He was acquitted on this defense.)

While Pirro's won't be the only book about Durst coming our way (certainly some to capitalize on HBO's massive success), hers will be the most closely tied to the original investigation. This means we get to have a The Jinx 2 now, right?