This 'Suits' Season 4 Recap Will Catch You Up On The Legal Drama Before You Watch Season 5

Summertime means different shows to different people, and one of my favorites is Suits. The legal show on USA has some of the most charming characters, juicy drama, and enviable work wardrobe on television. Now that Season 5 is about to start, let's recap Suits Season 4.

Suits is a dramedy (I don't like that word either but if it applies to anything, it's Suits) about a New York City law firm that hires Mike Ross, a con artist who has passed the bar several times to help others cheat but has never actually attended or graduated law school. Over the course of the series, he has managed to sustain the lie that he went to Harvard Law— the only school that the firm hires from — with the help of his coworkers. Those coworkers include the unflappable Donna Paulson, the collected Jessica Pearson, sass-machine and cat lover Louis Litt, the delightful associate Rachel Zane, and Mike's suave mentor Harvey Specter.

The past season started with Mike at a new job and ended with the death of Louis' beloved but unseen secretary, Norma. We learned about Harvey's time in the District Attorney's office. As for the rest, here's what happened on Suits Season 3 if you need a quick refresher or want to jump in cold!

First of all, Lois learned Mike's secret. It never ceases to amaze me how much drama Suits can pull out of Mike's initial deceit. They take lying on your resume and putting the Ivy League on a pedestal to a whole new level! The writing on this show is seriously underrated. Anyway, Louis finally tripped Mike up and yelled at Donna until he learned the truth. He then became the Disney villain he always wanted to be and took out his hurt on everyone at the firm. Which is a shame, because one of Louis' earlier subplots on Suits Season 4 was about doing Shakespeare and hilarious.

Next, everyone got hired, fired, re-hired, and/or quit last season. Seriously. Mike started the season at his new job, and then was hired back at Pearson Specter. Louis quit after getting involved with some illegal off-shore banking, then got hired back as a named partner. At the end of the season was the kicker. Donna quit Harvey and went to work with Louis!

In the shipping department, Mike and Rachel almost broke up. Rachel's ex came back into her life and they kissed. It was dramatic. Everyone's okay, but it was rough there for a minute. In fact, at the end of the season they got engaged!

Meanwhile, Donna revealed a secret. She and Harvey have slept together, but it was a long time ago. I knew it! So the fact that she quit is the biggest cliffhanger at the end of the season. What's going to happen to Donna? What's going to happen to Harvey and Donna? At the end of the season, he told her that he loved her. Finally, Jessica had a new love interest in Jeff, played by D.B. Woodside, who was no longer with her or the firm by the end of the season.

And that's what you missed on Suits! Happy Season 5 watching!

Images: Shane Mahood/USA Network (2)