Michelle Tanner, Queen Of Sass

It's no secret that Michelle Tanner was the real MVP of Full House. Michelle was always full of sass, sarcasm, and witty comebacks that were far beyond the normal backtalk of a toddler. Michelle Tanner was the golden child and, in my opinion, she literally could do no wrong. Michelle was at her best when she was putting that smart mouth of hers to good use and that much is evident in these 21 sassiest Michelle Tanner moments that will make you so excited for Fuller House (and simultaneously devastated that Fuller House will be Michelle Tanner-less).

Though she was but a wee little thing, Michelle had a larger-than-life personality. The beauty of her character was her ability to be both childlike and surprisingly mature at the same time. She was the quintessential kid who understood way more about the world than people expected her to. As a result, she was always quick to come out with a hilarious observations or quirky comeback when the family (and audience) least expected it.

It probably goes without saying that Michelle Tanner is the undeniable queen of Full House but, just in case you're one of the skeptical few who don't believe me, check out these wonderfully sassy Michelle Tanner moments from Full House. There is no doubt in my mind that they'll change your mind pretty darn quickly.

1. When Michelle Taught Us How To Be Bad To The Bone

Is it sad that a toddler pulls of a leather jacket better than I do?

2. Cake, Cake, Cake

We've all been there.

3. Michelle Tells It Like It Is

Tell us how you really feel, Michelle.

4. Michelle's New Year's Eve Letdown

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has accidentally found myself kissing a dog at midnight on New Years.

5. Older Doesn't Always Mean Wiser

Michelle is the wisest of them all.

6. The Family Disciplinarian

Michelle Tanner always knew when to lay down the law.

7. Michelle Knows The Makings Of A Good Photo

She would undoubtedly have killed it on Insta.

8. Michelle Gets Her Snack On

Nothing worse than an impenetrable bag of salty snacks.

9. When She Had A Surprisingly Advanced Understanding Of Adult Relationships

Yes, Michelle. Yes, they do.

10. This Face

Doesn't even need any words.

11. #Manners

So much sass.

12. Dat Eye Roll Doe

Pretty sure this was what spawned my childhood eye-rolling phase (much to my mother's chagrin).

13. Up In The Gym...

...Just workin' on her fitness.

14. When Michelle Says It's Playtime, You Play

Or else.

15. Michelle Demonstrates an Advanced Grasp Of Spanish

And rocks some dope shades.

16. Michelle Tanner's Rock Band

The Full House equivalent of Adam Levine.

17. Michelle Goes Punk

And rocks the hell out of some hairspray.

18. Michelle's Got Sick Moves

And she ain't afraid to use 'em.

19. Sassy From The Start

I think some of my earliest uses of sarcasm were inspired by this sassy nugget.

20. The Cookie Monster

Michelle just gets me, you know?

21. Patience Is Not Her Strongest Virtue

Michelle knows how to get what she wants, when she wants it.


Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (21)