'Big Brother 17' Adds Jackie & Jeff From 'Amazing Race' & The Houseguests Are Already Skeptical Of These Familiar Faces

Get your notepads ready, because we have to get to know two new houseguests on Big Brother 17 . On Wednesday's premiere, Big Brother matriarch Julie Chen welcomed eight houseguests into the CBS house. On Thursday, she introduced the six other houseguests that fans already knew about. But because this is Big Brother, we knew that something was going to be thrown at the houseguests that was "unexpected." That's when Big Brother 17 introduced Jeff and Jackie from The Amazing Race to the house. For superfans of the show, you have an opinion on other CBS reality show stars moving in on Big Brother territory. Whether it is a positive or negative opinion, I'll leave that up to you.

In the beginning minutes of the show, Julie introduced the already known six remaining houseguests to America. But once the 14 houseguests got to know each other at the dining room table, they realized that there are two open place settings. Who could take those open spots? Jackie and Jeff, that's who. But of course, Jeff and Jackie couldn't join the house without Phil Keoghan introducing them to Julie and the houseguests.

If you didn't watch The Amazing Race, and don't know who Jeff and Jackie are, then allow me to fill you in. Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra were apart of The Amazing Race 26, a season that consisted of real couples and blind date couples. Jeff and Jackie were a blind date couple. At the end of the day, Jeff and Jackie didn't really do that well on their season. They bickered so much it became painful to watch. Oh, and they came in seventh place.

So how did the other houseguests react to Jeff and Jackie? They seemed pretty excited about it... I think. But a few of them noted the obvious: these two already have an established relationship and trust that no one else has in the house. That makes them a threat just by walking through the Big Brother threshold. On top of that, houseguests who have already participated on a CBS reality show/ had their chance at a million dollars are walking around with a target that's so enormously large that they're not going to be able to sleep at night because people are going to want them to get out of the house before you can say, "But first..." a la Julie Chen.

Images: Monty Brinton/CBS