Charles Isn’t Jason’s Twin On ‘Pretty Little Liars’ & Everything Else We Learned From Mr. DiLaurentis

What exactly is the truth on Pretty Little Liars? And is Mr. DiLaurentis really telling it? Probably not. At the end of last Tuesday's "Songs of Experience," Mr. DiLaurentis told Ali and Jason about Charles and, at the beginning of this week's episode, Ali relayed Mr. D's story to the Liars. According to Rosewood's sketchiest parent, Charles isn't Jason's twin on Pretty Little Liars which is exactly what we've all been thinking all along. Mr. D also revealed that Charles died in Radley, along with a handle of tragic details about how he died and how his death was received by his parents. But there are a few parts of Mr. DiLaurentis' story that simply don't add up — or rather, they SCREAM that he's telling an enormous lie.

First, there's the fact that Mrs. DiLaurentis chose to cremate Charles — like Hanna said, with no body and no grave, how can we truly confirm this story? Second, Mr. D told Alison that his wife wouldn't allow him to come to Charles' funeral and, weirdly, that Charles' death was "a relief" for him. What did Charles do so wrong to make the DiLaurentis family not even mourn his death? There are so many questions we could be asking right now, but the biggest has to be: If Charles is really dead, who is A? And that question is followed closely by: Why is Mr. D going to such great lengths to make it seem like his death was something he wanted?

The simple answer seems to be that Charles isn't dead and that he obviously escaped from Radley when he was 16 years old — which is why his paper trail ends there. That still doesn't reveal why Mrs. D told her husband that their son died from taking pills and refused to let him come to his funeral. It's clear now that Mr. D has absolutely no idea that Charles escaped, but he did have something to do with his son being sent away. After relaying the chilling story about how Charles tried to drown Ali as an infant, it's clear that he thought he was doing what any good father would do — protect his children from a threat.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family