'The Real Housewives Of New York' Trip To Turks & Caicos Kicks Off With A Feud Between Bethenny Frankel & Ramona Singer & It's Just Like Old Times

"Bring your lifejackets, ladies." That's what Kristen Taekman said during the top of Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City just before the cast took off for their sure-to-be-nightmare vacation in Turks and Caicos. I hope they heeded Kristen's advice because these ladies were certainly headed for a shipwreck as Bethenny Frankel went off on Ramona Singer right from the get-go.

To be fair, Ramona deserved it. She ran into the huge, gorgeous house the ladies were staying in for their vacation like a mad woman, saying that everyone knows she and Sonja Morgan have to share rooms, but of course. Ramona stopped at nothing to get the room that she wanted for her and Sonja, regardless of how anyone else felt. She didn't even take Sonja's preference for a bathtub into account, and you know that girl doesn't do showers. Come on. It was the most immature thing I've seen on RHONY in a long time, and that is really saying something.

Of course, this wasn't really surprising to see. Choosing rooms is always a huge source of drama on reality TV with fights breaking out on every show from America's Next Top Model to Big Brother. We've seen Ramona flip out about her room in the past on RHONY too.

Still, Bethenny was somehow surprised at Ramona's behavior as if she had never seen a reality show, much less actually star on one with Ramona. She thought Ramona's aggression and entitlement was completely uncalled for, which it totally was. Bethenny thought it was a very bad way to begin a girls' trip where everyone is supposed to be laid-back, have fun, and get along. Again, it's like Bethenny has never met these people.

Bethenny and Ramona have very strong personalities, and they butt heads with the other Housewives on a regular basis. However, it'll be interesting to see if their jaunt to Turks and Caicos ends up being more like Scary Island part two, which was the last big trip Bethenny went on before she left RHONY. With close quarters, being around each other all the time, and general stress, travel can produce a lot more tension among a group of people than usual.

Clearly, just getting to Turks and Caicos has produced a lot of drama among the ladies of RHONY. You know they're going to serve up plenty more conflict where that came from.

Images: Giovanni Rufino/Bravo; realitytvgifs/Tumblr