'Pretty Little Liars' Clark Showed Up Just In Time

There are a lot of new faces in Rosewood these days. Sara Harvey, Lorenzo, Sabrina, and now Pretty Little Liars Season 6 introduces Clark, one of Aria's fellow aspiring photographers at Hollis. But don't let that description fool you into thinking that Aria met this new character met this guy by saying a friendly hello in the hallway. No, because this is PLL , Clark, played by Titus Makin Jr., met Aria by helping her escape the darkroom A had trapped her in just as she was really starting to panic. His timing was convenient... very convenient. Can we trust him? For Aria's sake, I hope so, because the last flirtation she struck up didn't exactly end well.

So far, there's no reason to distrust Clark, other than the fact that he's a guy who lives in or near Rosewood. But he's not a Rosewood cop, the major red flag surrounding Lorenzo, and doesn't seem completely unhinged, like Sara. He's just a nice guy who helped calm Aria down after she found a foreboding A note and was locked in the darkroom. Later, they discussed her, um, interesting photography, and he didn't seem too prying or to have any intentions other than a friendly chat.

Am I being too easy on Clark? Maybe, but after the darkness and heartbreak that made up "Don't Look Now," I just want to believe that he's nothing more than a flirty guy who dreams of working for National Geographic. But this is Pretty Little Liars, where everyone has a secret, so I'll try not to get my hopes up. For more on the guys of PLL, check out Bustle's new podcast, "Taking This One To The Grave."

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC