Make Heels More Comfortable By Strengthening Your Ankles, Because It Could Be The Key To Heel Happiness

It seems like finding the secret to how to make heels more comfortable is just as difficult as finding the answer to, "What is the meaning of life?" While there isn't a guaranteed way to make heels as comfortable as sneakers, you'll be happy to know that there are secrets to strengthening your ankles, which, as a result, can help make those heels more bearable to walk in.

I often struggled with weak ankles and as an athlete, it was a big hindrance for me to get over. However, my coaches told me that I could gradually strengthen my ankles by putting weights on them. It was kind of like lifting weights, except for your ankles. Of course, there are other ways to make your ankles stronger, which Glamour pointed out.

The magazine advised that doing calf raises and heel drops regularly can strengthen your ankles to ultimately make your heels more comfortable. Not to mention, these exercises can also double as a great morning workout. You can even easily slip it into your daily exercise routine. Another way to buff up your ankles is to wear a pair of heels while you're sitting down. Crazy, right?

If that's not your steeze, you can also wear heels while sitting down. This method is a bit like muscle memory because although you are not applying any physical pressure, your ankle muscles become more accustomed to the position your feet go into when you're wearing heels. Fingers crossed that these tiny exercises will make those gladiator sandals heels less painful than usual.

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