17 Food Accessories Inspired By Your Favorite Fourth Of July Treats

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Hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, s’mores — the food spread is arguably (a.k.a. not really debatable at all) the best part of any successful 4th of July party and most everyone has that one treat they look forward to every year. Perhaps you are even thinking, “The only thing better than eating my favorite summer holiday food would be eating it and wearing it,” in which case, you are in luck — there is a diverse menu (see what I did there?) of 4th of July accessories inspired by food to tastefully (so many food puns, I can’t stop) top off any party outfit. Yes, it’s true, delicious Independence Day morsels of choice can now be found on plates and in closets — it’s a crazy, amazing world we live in, friends.

From all-American, all beef phone covers and sesame seed studs to soft-serve crossbody bags and campfire roasted rings, the mini versions of America’s favorite foods are as adorable as the IRL offerings taste. Not to mention, they are a quirky, unexpectedly themed addition to any traditional 4th of July outfit. Most importantly, your accessory of choice will send strong signals about your most loved food, so maybe everyone at the party will leave the seconds to you. Let's see what's cooking — get it?

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