Susan's Husband Jonathan Committed a Major 'Secrets and Wives' Faux Pas At Cori's Dinner Party

Secrets and Wives is still just a few episodes in, but I'm still having a little trouble telling all of these women apart, except for black sheep Susan, who's hair and tan are both several shades darker than the rest of the women. And Susan's husband stood out in the latest episode, when Jonathan slut-shamed Liza on Secrets and Wives , disappointing his wife, who wanted him to impress all of her blonder, fancier North Shore friends, not insult them. I think Jonathan was trying to be funny, but a combination of his terrible sense of humor, the awkwardness of the dinner (several other couples and a TV crew were attending Liza's blind date, talk about uncomfortable), and his drunkenness brewed this terrible conversational storm. Jonathan called Liza, who he's known since high school, a "slut" back then, which brought the conversation to a screeching halt.

Actually, the theme of the episode was husbands/boyfriends behaving badly. Arthur, Amy's fiance, offended her deeply by putting the ring from their first engagement back on her finger, but he eventually apologized and promised the new ring was in the mail. Cori and Sandy's marriage was thrown on the rocks this episode, but the conversation where he supposedly dissed her vagina and then callously called Liza to set up a blind date for her was edited so awkwardly that I can barely believe it happened at all.

Nope, Jonathan what really the one who messed up here, and he took to Twitter to offer a short apology.

Sounds genuine. Oh, and he offered an equally impassioned excuse for his behavior:

So far, I'm not really sure what to make of Secrets and Wives. But I'm enjoying the hell out of imagining that this show is the spiritual sequel to Princesses: Long Island, which may have had an offensive concept but had a cast of perfect reality TV stars. But the ladies on Secrets could do a little more to differentiate themselves from one another as the season continues, because right now it's all about the husbands, and their bad behavior, like Jonathan.

Images: Barbara Nitke/Bravo