Beauty Vlogger Jackie Aina Shows The Differences In Standards Of Beauty Around The World, From France To Korea

It wasn't until I visited South Korea when I realized that there was such a huge difference in standards of beauty between the US and my ancestors' country. To drive home that point, beauty vlogger Jackie Aina showed the differences in standards of beauty around the world in a short video. After teaming up with Smashbox, Aina asked her Instagram followers to explain how their culture defined the word "beautiful." Comments varied from humorous to serious, including remarks like "big butts" and "slender face shapes." In the final product, Aina recreated the standards of beauty for the following five countries: France, America, Australia, Nigeria, and Korea.

I remember when I visited South Korea, everyone kept staring at me and I had no idea why until I overheard a girl telling her significant other, "Why is she so tan?" At that moment, I began to look at all the girls around me and I saw that everyone had extremely fair skin. From my mom, I later learned that one of Korea's standards of beauty is to have pale skin because it is seen to be very innocent and childlike.

One look from Aina's YouTube video proves that ideal beauty standards are not just different in Asia, but also around the globe in every different country. Take a look at the video for an eye-opening and beautiful learning experience.

1. France

I was surprised to see that France was similar to South Korea in that they found light skin was more beautiful.

2. Australia

Who would've thought Aussies found the quintessential American look to be a standard of beauty?

3. America

Tan is beautiful — no surprise there!

4. Nigeria

I had no idea that Nigeria viewed bi-racial looks as beautiful.

5. Korea

Light skin, paired with a smoky eye, is seen as gorgeous.

Images: Jackie Aina/YouTube