The Saddest Cat On The Internet Is Boohoo Luhu, And She Is The Sad Face Emoticon We've All Been Waiting For — PHOTOS

I have long struggled in my life as a person with resting sad face. People basically think I'm having an emotional breakdown when I'm trying to choose between yogurt flavors at the grocery store. But really, I've got nothing like Luhu the sad cat, whose eyebrows are perpetually slanted in the most adorable despair you will ever see. For all of her sadness, Luhu actually has a pretty sweet life. The tabby lives in China with her two siblings, Barher and Bertie, who came from the same litter that she did. Incidentally, her ongoing woe does not seem to be genetic, but unique to Boohoo Luhu herself. (Appreciate my nickname, I AM SO CLEVER.)

Fortunately Luhu's owners have capitalized on her resting sad face by doing what all owners of remarkable cats do, and making her Insta famous. Now there's a sad Luhu for every sad moment in your life, the same way that there's a Taylor Swift song for, well, literally anything. I don't know what Luhu is so sad about because I never learned to speak cat, but I will go ahead and be her voice for her. These are all the things Luhu is probably thinking about right now, but first: Mood music.

If you didn't hit play, then GO BACK AND HIT PLAY. I'm ~story telling~ here, guys.

"Someone in the office ate the last piece of leftover pizza."

At the intersection of extra cheese and extra sadness.

"I didn't mean to swipe left."

Curse my non-opposable thumbs.

"Everyone finished watching Orange Is The New Black before I did and now nobody wants to talk to me about it."

Plz. Somebody. Anybody.

"I told a joke and someone told it louder and everyone laughed."

I'm funny, dammit.

"There was a surprise onion in my grilled cheese."

Even the things you love most can betray you.

"No matter what I do in this life, I will never be as rich as Grumpy Cat."

Plot twist: Most of us will never be as rich as Grumpy Cat. Let that settle in, and maybe you'll be as sad as ole Boohoo Luhu.

Images: lalnlan731/Instagram