Watch This Mama Rabbit Beat The Crap Out Of A Snake Trying To Get Her Babies Like A Furry Molly Weasley — VIDEO

There are many necessary competitions happening on the Internet these days: Lady versus food (the most necessary), man versus shark (the scariest), and now, rabbit versus snake. Yes, you read that correctly. A mother rabbit attacks a snake and someone got it on video. The long and the short of the situation is this: A baby rabbit was being attacked by a snake, and the mother rabbit jumped to her babe's defense in the most heroic act of motherhood we've seen since Molly Weasley took on Bellatrix Lestrange. Do you hear that? If you listen closely in the video you can clearly hear that the mother rabbit is yelling, "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU B*TCH."

Seriously, guys, you didn't hear that? Get your ears checked.

The mother isn't just heroic—she's actually a successful savior. When she pounces on the snake, she really is able to free her little bunny. LADY HERO. Thus far the rabbit breed hasn't churned out too many heroes (unless we're counting Peter Rabbit and his famed cup of chamomile tea), so I'd say this bunny mama is elevating her entire species.

Prepare yourself for this fight. This rabbit has moves like you can't even imagine. At one point she does a mini flip:

The pounce


The flip


The aftermath


Watch the full video/action sequence:

Momma Rabbit on YouTube

Blood, sweat, tears, and one victorious rabbit. That's how you defend your kid.

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