Caitlyn Jenner As A 'Simpsons' Character Depicts Her As Your New Favorite Superhero — PHOTOS

In a series titled “Call me Wonder Caitlyn,” Italian artist and activist aleXsandro Palombo imagines reality star and former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner as a character on The Simpsons. The artist’s illustrations recreate Jenner’s already iconic Vanity Fair cover, show her in bed with Homer Simpson, and—in my favorite ones—cast her as a trans-activist Wonder Woman. In a statement on his Facebook page, Palombo, 41, explains the impetus behind the series:

Nowadays, transgender citizens are still marginalized and forced to live in a very difficult social situation. They are victims of prejudice, discrimination and in many cases criminalized and victims of violence. Despite all of this, the policy of many countries continues to be deaf in front of their rights. We must fight this medieval prejudice and intolerance because everyone deserves to live with dignity and lead a life that match their own sexual identity.

This isn’t the first time that Palombo has played around with Simpsons-style animation. He has also “Simpsonized” Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, as well as the British Royal Family. A number of times, he has used The Simpsons’ animation style to comment on difficult social issues, making headlines in February, for example, with a disturbing series of images depicting characters from The Simpsons as victims of the Holocaust. Although certainly more celebratory in nature, Palombo’s illustrations of Caitlyn Jenner also contain a call for social justice, with “Wonder Caitlyn” demanding, “TRANS RIGHTS NOW.”

Images: Courtesy of aleXsandro Palombo (5)