Watch Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Without Music And Marinate In The Unspeakable Awkward — VIDEO

Taylor Swift wrecked me emotionally in all the weeks leading up to the "Bad Blood" premiere. All those Insta pictures were like one of those advent calendars that lead up to Christmas, except the anticipation of it all was so much more unbearable. (No, YOU'RE precariously obsessed with a 25-year-old cat lady you've never met.) Needless to say, the music video more than delivered, but probably nowhere near as shockingly as the "Bad Blood" without music version. Guys, I'm going to have to warn you: If you watch this, you'll never look at Taylor's #squad the same way again.

Obviously this music video was pretty groundbreaking as is. Taylor assembled a veritable army of kickass women from all over Hollywood, gave them the creative freedom to pick their own personas, and probably endured a ton of training to pull of the weird stunts they do. We've come a long way since flirty dresses and sad glances from the tops of stairways (not that I would ever knock "Love Story," which I happen to be listening to right now because I have a problem). Honestly, you can say whatever you want about Taylor Swift, but you can't deny the absolute truth of this tweet about the video:

That being said, "Bad Blood" without "Bad Blood"? It is perhaps the saddest action film you've ever seen. It's not quite as bad as the most recent Superman film in that nobody starts making out while Metropolis is casually burning to smithereens in the background (you had ONE JOB, Kal-El), but it's right up there. Behold:

Without Music on YouTube

Welp. That's pretty much all I have to say, is welp. Since we're already marinating in the awkward, here are a few other Taylor Swift parodies worth revisiting:

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Proving that Taylor Swift songs are a gift that just keep on giving.

Image: VEVO