'Tindog' aka Tinder For Dogs Exists, And No, This is Not A Drill

As the dog days of summer approach (sorry), you may find your favorite four legged companion looking at you with those puppy-dog eyes of his (so sorry), sulking around the house because it's just im-paws-ible (I promise I'll stop) to find love when you're a dog. If your pooch is in need of some puppy love (I'm the actual worst), you can try downloading Tindog, aka Tinder for dogs, and loan your pet the use of your tech and thumbs for an hour or so while you find him a suitable match.

Tindog bills itself as "the first application that both dogs and dog owners love equally!" It works the same way as Tinder does, with photo options for each pooch that you can swipe right (like) or swipe left (pass) on. Once your dog gets a match, a chat feature opens up, giving you as the pet matchmakers (I was going to say pet owner, but since we're already in the business of treating dogs like people who want to find love, it makes me uncomfortable to imply that we have ownership over them) the option to talk and potentially set up an exciting date to the dog park. Or wherever dogs go on dates. Or... something.

I'll be honest: This all seems like an elaborate plot for dog lovers to meet fellow kindred spirits, rather than to help actual pups find the loves of their lives. Why? Because in my experience, dogs aren't the most romantic of creatures. Like, there's a reason that we call the least sensual sex out there "doggy style." But it's kind of a cute way for dog people to meet other dog people, even if it's under the guise of finding Sparky a life partner. It's like the perfect dating app for people who are too embarrassed to be on dating apps, because you can always be like, "No, seriously, I just downloaded it because Spike was so lonely!"

I just want to be invited to the first Tindog wedding. And no, I don't mean of the owners. I want to go to the first Tindog-inspired dog wedding. I can only assume it will be like this:

Omaze on YouTube

What would we do without love, John Legend? What would we do, indeed?

Download Tindog for free on both the iTunes store and the Google Play store.