10 Reasons To Date People With Dogs

I'm not saying that dog owners are hotter and generally better than other people, but I mean...OK, I'm kind of saying that. Hear me out. For many of us, someone liking dogs is a non-negotiable thing when it comes to dating. At the most basic level, potential partners must:

  1. Practice basic hygiene.
  2. Not be in prison.
  3. Be able to send an email with complete sentences.
  4. Love dogs.

When someone has a dog, that feature alone tells your some important things about that person’s personality. Obviously, dog ownership is not enough on its own as a basis for a relationship, but it’s an element that might lead you further into investigating your compatibility with a new partner. (And even if the relationship doesn’t work out, you get to hang out with that person’s dog, right?)

As an aside, if you have a dog, use your pup to vet (get it?) potential partners. Somehow dogs simply KNOW when someone is a terrible person. I am a firm believer that if your (normally friendly, well-socialized) dog hates or is afraid of the person you’re dating, it is a sign you shouldn’t ignore. (Seriously, I’ve been through at least one break up that had me staring at my dog afterward, saying, “How did you know? And why didn’t I listen to you?!”) (Am I the only one who has relationship conversations with her dog?)

Read on for 10 reasons that people with dogs (or people who love dogs but cannot yet get one due to unavoidable life circumstances) are the best romantic partners:

1. You know he or she is easygoing

Dogs are messy, destructive, impulsive, furry, lovable monsters, and it takes a certain level of flexibility to be able to put up with one. When you date someone who has a dog, you know that he or she is able to go with the flow and not freak out when something unexpected happens, or when he or she can’t be in absolute control.

2. Dog owners are active

Sure, there are plenty of couch potato dogs out there, but if you’re dating a dog owner, chances are, he or she will be a fairly active person. Your potential S.O. might not be a fan of 15-mile hikes, but s/he will probably be someone who likes walking, playing, and being outside.

3. They are cuddlers

Dogs love to snuggle and to be snuggled, and most people who have dogs are going to be into that kind of physical affection. So if you’re someone who revels in a really good hug, find thee a dog owner.

4. Patience is everything

Having a dog – a raising a puppy particularly – is an exercise in patience. If you’re on a date with someone who managed to make it through a puppy’s house training and teething, you know that person has a solid well of patience at hand.

5. A dog-owner is not afraid of commitment

Dogs live for a long time – sometimes upwards of 15 years. If someone has a dog, you know that that person is not afraid to commit to a long-term relationship (even if that LTR is with a canine).

6. People with dogs are fun!

Yes, there is a lot of patience and commitment involved in dog ownership, but there’s also a lot of fun. Dogs love to play and be silly, and you can bet that if your date is a dog-lover, he or she likes to play and be silly, too.

7. Dog owners are social

Dogs are social creatures, and their owners tend to be social, too. For example, psychologist Sam Gosling and grad student Carson Sandy at the University of Texas surveyed over 4,500 people in order to compare the personalities of self-described “dog people” and “cat people.” The survey showed that “dog people were generally about 15 percent more extroverted and 13 percent more agreeable” than cat people.

8. They are generally happier and healthier

A 2011 study by psychologists from Miami University and Saint Louis University investigated how pet ownership affects people’s lives; According to Psychology Today, one part of the study showed that “pet owners exhibited greater self-esteem, were more physically fit, were less lonely, were more conscientious, were more socially outgoing, and had healthier relationship styles (i.e., they were less fearful and less preoccupied) than non-owners.” So pretty much pet owners are AWESOME.

9. They are responsible

Having a dog is a lot of work. If someone takes great care of his or her dog, you know that that person is capable of shouldering a serious responsibility. (Conversely, if you go on a date with a dog owner who does not take good care of his or her dog, you know to get away from that person fast. After you find that dog some help, obviously.)

10. Dog-owners are hot

Everyone looks hotter with a dog. This is simply an undeniable fact.

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