'Black-ish' Stars Will Make The BET Awards Shine

The 2015 BET Awards are on Sunday, June 2015, and they'll be honoring one of the best new shows of the year by having the stars of black-ish host the ceremony. And don't be skeptical, because there are so many moments from black-ish that prove that Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross will be great BET Awards hosts.

These two have played husband and wife all year long on black-ish (and will be back for a second season this fall), proving that their comedic chemistry is better than most couples on TV. Let's hope that even when not performing as their characters, Dre and Bow, Anderson and Ross can channel their best comedy duo chops and make even the most typical awards show banter sound fresh. The last few times a pair have hosted the Oscars, the results were... not so good. I'm thinking not just of James Franco and Anne Hathaway, but also of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin — the former was, of course, a hot, mismatched mess, but the latter pair was just as bad, because even though they had all the potential in the world, they wound up being totally flat.

Here are eight black-ish moments that prove we have nothing to worry about when Anderson and Ross host the BET Awards:

1. Their Mutually Assured Destruction

Proving that not just one, but both of them are the crazy one. No straight man in this duo.

2. When Bow Instantly Became A Hair Icon

Natural hair, don't care. I can't wait to see how she wears it to the awards.

3. When They Name-Checked Lee Daniels

Surely with Empire one of the biggest shows of the year, Daniels will be mentioned, so it's good that they know how to joke about him.

4. When Dre Was Cool With Bow Having Past Boyfriends

And his problem was with the idea that Bow was a chronically dumped loser, not having a sexual past. Because even though Dre has his flaws, he's shallow in the way that he wants a cool wife, and has no issues with his wife's sexual agency.

5. Every Time They Couldn't Be More Different

Bow is the culturally sensitive hippie, while Dre had a harder upbringing on the streets of Compton. But it's those differences that make them so funny together, especially since the show hinges so much on culture.

6. When They Couldn't Handle Themselves Around Appetizers

You can see the circuits in their brains frying throughout the whole scene. And where are there better appetizers than a catered private event for celebrities?

7. Every Time Bow Was Incredulous

Note how this is different from the usual disapproving wife trope: she's shocked and often tries to piece together Dre's demented decisions with her own twisted logic, rather than shutting down the joke by just saying "no" to everything.

7. When Even Obama Had To Comment On The Show

That's the moment when black-ish went from just a hit show to a huge phenomenon.

8. And, Of Course, When Bow Was Ballin' Out Of Control

What sells it is her quick look back at the door, like she has to make sure all eyes are on her always. Ross needs to wear a spangled and sequined gown that she can flaunt all night long at the BET Awards.

See? There's no reason to worry about Anderson and Ross, because there's so many moments from black-ish that prove that they can switch effortlessly from opposites to two peas in a pod.

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