Chris Harrison Defends Kaitlyn After 'Bachelorette' Backlash, So Here Are 7 Better Things To Do Than Judge Her

The June 22 episode of The Bachelorette showed the hushed, closed-door whispers heard 'round the world. Yes, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Nick Viall slept together. Yes, the haters came out in hoards. But, as Kaitlyn explained on the June 23 episode of Good Morning America, she's not letting negative opinions bring her down. Thankfully, not everyone is casting judgement on the Bachelorette. For example, host Chris Harrison spoke in Kaitlyn's defense to E! News.

"What I find is this very divisive reaction to her, very divided, and some people are strongly behind her, like Amy Schumer, then there are others who are shocked and appalled," he said. "I think if you just go by social media, obviously, the negative idiots are the loudest. People who care or are positive usually aren't going on and ranting on social media. It always seems a lot worse than it is. I think the majority are either behind or or honestly aren't that appalled or that amazed by it all. So I think you need to be careful where you're taking your Litmus test or temperature of America." Amen.

Harrison also points out that those viewers not using social media probably aren't that scandalized. "Most people in this country aren't on Twitter, shockingly enough!" he added. "So I think the majority of people are, like I am, behind her. And all they want, and I think all anyone wants, is just to be open and honest and own it if you made a mistake. If you think it was a mistake, admit it, say it."

It high time that we move on and cut Kaitlyn some slack. Here are seven things you can do as a Bachelorette fan instead of passing judgment.

1. Ponder Joshua's Reaction To His Mohawk

Maybe letting Kaitlyn cut your hair wasn't the best idea.

2. Get Bird Tattoos

Kaitlyn told Ben H. that she chose doves because "they're the only bird that remember how to fly home."

3. Practice Your Stand-Up

If only Amy Schumer was here to help us.

4. Write A Serenade-Worthy Song

I recommend climbing up onto a balcony, a la Nick.

5. Take A Spin In A Cupcake Car

Hey, it worked for Chris.

6. Have An Underwater Photoshoot

You know, like you'd do on a normal first date.

7. Rock Out To Some Taylor Swift

Because Kaitlyn is all about shakin' it off. It might be redundant to say at this point, but, with all the more constructive ways to spend your time as a Bachelorette fan than judging Kaitlyn for making mature choices, why continue to spread hate? Kaitlyn has moved on, and so should eveyone else.

Images: ABC/Clodagh Kilcoyne; Giphy (7)