10 Women Wearing Dark Lipstick In Summer Because You Can Still Be A Bold Babe Come The Humidity

For some super-lame reason, certain people love to spout off specific fashion and beauty rules that we're supposed to blindly follow. No white after Labor Day, no miniskirts after age 30, don't wear red lipstick with red hair, dark lipstick in the summer is unacceptable... the negativity of these antiquated decrees are just begging to be upended. Fortunately, there are plenty of other beauty rule-breakers out there, who say "screw it" to old-fashioned beauty standards, and wear whatever pleases their sartorial sensibilities.

This world would be so dull if we followed all these archaic style guidelines. Imagine a universe filled with unstylish zombies, just dragging themselves around in indistinguishable bland uniforms that don’t express even a smidgen of style, or a sea of blank faces made up to look identical. Sounds like a horror movie to me! Thankfully, that’s just a terrible fantasy, and there are plenty of people who realize that personal style doesn't take a vacation, so there's no reason you have to change your look just because the seasons do.

So in honor of those makeup rebels (and to help inspire others), I put together a list of dark-lipped lovelies who eschew powdery pastels and petal pinks in favor of vampy black, rich merlot, or other similar inky shades, even in summer. I salute you beauty guerrillas — you keep doing you, no matter what season.

1. Noir Sea

Always a killer queen, Rihanna rocks sleek black lips while she gets intimate with a mahi mahi.

2. Red On Red On Red

This is how you do matchy-matchy right. Hair, brows, lips, all on fleek.

3. Chic Contrast

Her alabaster 'do next to those royal purple lips — just perfection.

4. Gradient Greatness

Take ombre from your locks to your lips.

5. Totes '90s

Get nostalgic with the ubiquitous '90s brown hue.

6. Get The Blues

Don't be timid, dive right in.

7. Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board

I'd totally be OK with a remake of The Craft if she was the head witch in charge.

8. Drink It In

I <3 everything about this magical Merlot pout.

9. Green With Envy

This look is total money.

10. Spice Girl

The perfect cinnamon hue.

Images: Liz Black (1), Badgalriri, Milaneve_makeup, Nadiakosh, Eyeheartlipstick, Rosiemoonshine, Nicollesaf, Jordanelizabethshelton, Flossylox, Margieplus, Canarysparks, Itsmekellieb/Instagram