Yale's Library Is Housing Chipotle Containers — Yes, That Yale And That Chipotle

Although the thought of a Chipotle burrito bowl may be the one thing getting you through hump day, Yale (yeah, that Yale) is more concerned with the cardboard container your guac-loaded lunch has been served in. That's because the Yale library is now housing Chipotle cups — a complete set of the Cultivating Thought series, located in the American Literature collection.

According to the Yale library website, the collection is housed at Yale's Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, which "collects American Literature in all its formats and in all media." The collection's description says that the Chipotle acquisition in particular signifies "the relationship between literature and innovative marketing at a moment in history when reading and literary production are in tremendous upheaval." What better signifies literature's large-scale production than slapping it on fast food containers? (Not that I'm complaining. I'll take my veggie burrito bowl with a side of Augusten Burroughs any day.)

Chipotle's Cultivating Thought series, which was created and curated by Jonathan Safran Foer, features two-minute reads by acclaimed writers and comedians like Amy Tan, Aziz Ansari, Neil Gaiman, Sarah Silverman, George Saunders, and Toni Morrison. The text, which is accompanied by whimsical art, adorns the beloved chain's paper bags and cups.

Because nothing goes better with your bespoke barbacoa burrito than Paulo Coelho's musings on aging gracefully. No, really.

Image: Chipotle/Facebook