Gus & Betty Grissom Have The Best 'Astronaut Wives Club' Marriage Because They’re Equal Partners In Everything

Every marriage is full of its fair share of obstacles, but it's how a couple handles those obstacles that proves just how strong (or weak) their relationship truly is. And after witnessing Gus and Betty Grissom's marriage on The Astronaut Wives Club this week, I'm fully confident that their love is built to last and one of the strongest marriages on the show thus far. During Thursday night's episode "Protocol," Gus' space launch hits a bit of a snag when his time capsule (which held all of his launch data) was accidentally lost at sea during his rough landing. And while none of it was actually his fault, Gus was brought under investigation and didn't get the full D.C. treatment like Alan and Louise had.

But instead of letting something like that put a strain on their marriage, Gus and Betty were able to work through it together as a team, which I found to be a highly refreshing concept. This couple shared two extremely heartfelt scenes together this week, which showed just how much they value and respect each other as individuals. Betty recalled how well Gus has treated her throughout the years and acknowledged that he's her best friend — a sentiment which he immediately echoed. To the world they might seem like an ordinary husband and housewife, but behind closed doors they view themselves as equal partners, even if the rest of the world hasn't caught up to their modern day-esque way of thinking.

Betty may still be performing her usual stereotypical housewife duties, but I have a feeling that if she ever decided to pursue her own career, Gus would get onboard because her happiness is more important to him than what society expects from them — a concept not so commonly showcased throughout this time period. And Betty feels the exact same way. When Gus fell under scrutiny, she stood by him and believed that he was not at fault. She believed that even if the whole world was against them, none of it mattered — so long as they still had each other to lean on. (Say it with me now: Awwww!!!)

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that seeing these two love and rely on each other so whole-heartedly was a very welcome surprise and gave me a newfound appreciation for their characters. It's nice to know that even among times when gender inequality reigned supreme, some marriages were able to rise above the standard norm and treat each other as equals. If Betty and Gus weren't already your favorite couple on the show, they most certainly should be now.

Images: Cook Allender/ABC (2)