The 6 Best Twitter Parody Accounts For 2016 Candidates That Mock Them More Brilliantly Than Even You Could

Sure, following the 2016 presidential candidates on Twitter is great for staying up-to-date on the race and their plans for the country, but there's another set of accounts you should be following as well: Parody presidential candidate Twitter accounts. Trust me, the fake candidates are much funnier than the real ones, and everyone could use a little extra humor on their Twitter feeds. What's the point of having so many presidential candidates if we can't use their outlandish ideas and public blunders for our own entertainment?

We still have 16 months until the 2016 election, so we need something to break up all the serious debates, analysis, and statistics. Everyone's starting to join in on the fun — the hashtag #RejectedPrezCampaignSlogans was trending on Tuesday, as people across the nation joked about candidates' flaw. The beauty of parody Twitter accounts though, is that someone else is doing the work for you. All you have to do is scroll through your feed or go directly to one of the comical accounts for lots of giggles, instead of laboring over jokes yourself. Whoever's behind these accounts are some funny folks.

Here are six parody presidential candidate Twitter accounts you should be following for all the laughs.

Ted Cruz Googling

A person's Google search history can reveal a lot. The Ted Cruz Googling Twitter account comes up with hilarious things Ted Cruz has probably looked up at some point, with gems like "do atheists do human sacrifice" and "schoolhouse rock videos."

Fake Rand Paul

The Fake Rand Paul Twitter posts a "Weekly 2016 GOP Ranking," and Paul is always number one (duh). The rest of the list is always comical — last week's list had number five as "Trump haha jk lol."

Ask Fake Hillary

Just like Fake Rand Paul, Ask Fake Hillary posts a "Weekly Dem 2016 Ranking," and spots two through five are usually filled with things like "a snowball in H-E-double hockey sticks" or just an ellipsis, because Hill doesn't have much competition.

Fake Rick Santorum

The Fake Rick Santorum account hasn't posted a whole lot since the 2016 race began, but it's still full of great Santorum jokes. The latest tweet says, "Too many new jobs have gone to foreigners. I will fill America's open positions until they are overflowing with white."

Fake Ass Ricky Perry

This parody Ricky Perry Twitter makes fun of Perry's beliefs about everything from birth control to closing the border. The mastermind behind the account hasn't tweeted in a while, but scrolling through the old tweets is still pretty funny.

Donald J. Drumpf

The Donald J. Drumpf Twitter's bio reads: "A 100% classy Donald Trump parody account. Operated under the actual family name Drumpf." It's full of jokes about his opinion on gun laws, other Republican candidates, and of course his hair.