Was That The Real Comic-Con In 'Ted 2'?

by Dino-Ray Ramos

Of the many geek-centric movies and shows that've been released over the years, a surprising number have tried to recreate some sort of fictitious Comic-Con, the huge yearly gathering that brings together fans of sci-fi and fantasy. Cult movies like Galaxy Quest created an entire "con" based around the ensemble's fictional show, while TV shows like Community and Bob's Burgers have both involved conventions surrounding popular sci-fi shows and cartoons. In Seth MacFarlane's Ted 2, out Jun. 26, a huge part of the movie takes place at what seems like New York Comic-Con — but is it the real deal? Did Ted 2 really film at New York Comic-Con?

Yup — well, sort of. The movie could have easily staged a fake New York Comic-Con, but it seems as though director MacFarlane wanted to keep it authentic, by shooting at least parts of the film at the actual convention. As for the rest (it was probably way too complicated to shoot an entire scene at the jam-paced Comic-Con), a soundstage in L.A. was likely used to fill in. When MacFarlane and his crew were filming the movie in October of last year, there was an open casting call for Ted 2 in Los Angeles that said, "The Hilarious world of TED Invades Comic-Con, the World's largest Comic & Sci-Fi Convention." As for the parts filmed at the actual convention, there were permits for filming during New York Comic-Con, and some fans posted photos from the scene.

Naturally, fanboys and fangirls flocked at this opportunity to not only be in a big-time Hollywood movie but to have their love for comics documented on film forever. Not a bad job, right? Those involved in the filming will be excited to know that Comic-Con plays a large part in the final film. In the movie, Ted (voiced by MacFarlane), John (Mark Wahlberg) and Sam (Amanda Seyfried) take a road trip to New York from Boston in hopes to get a big time civil rights lawyer (played by Morgan Freeman, of course) to represent Ted in his fight to be recognized as human. In one particular scene (no big spoilers here), Ted wanders into New York Comic-Con after a spat with John and Sam only to run into his old, creepy kidnapper from the first movie, Donnie (Giovanni Ribisi).

So, the authenticity of the "real" Comic-Con being in the movie is probably only half true — but that's perfectly fine. The final scene was brought to life with real-life Comic-Con attendees, and that's all that matters. And it's only appropriate that a movie like Ted 2 be associated with such an event — it has nostalgia, obsessive toy collectors, and tons of cosplayers, which makes Ted fit right in — although, when you see the movie, you might think he fits in a bit too well...

Images: Universal Pictures; Getty Images