Kim Kardashian Has Run In With Drunk, Naked Woman & Obviously, The Social Media Star Documented The Experience

Leave it to Kimmy K. to have a crazy (and nude) encounter at a hotel in Cannes, France. On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian was woken up by a drunk naked woman, who clearly had the wrong hotel room. Seriously, all the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wanted to do was get some beauty sleep, but another hotel guest had to ruin all that by trying to break into Kardashian's room with her AMEX card. With that said, I'm sure we've all done some crazy and silly things after a few too many drinks. Plus, finding your hotel room while drunk can be quite the task. However, I'm not sure why the woman was naked...

Anyways, in typical Kim Kardashian style, she recapped her interesting evening by tweeting about it. Duh, of course she did. She started off by sarcastically thanking the "drunk naked woman" for disrupting her much-needed night of sleep: "Thanks to the drunk naked woman banging on my door I have been up since 4 am! I'm so sleepy now but have to work! It's gonna be a long day!" I'm sure this isn't the first time Kimmy's worked without sleep, but, still, that'd be irritating. I don't know about you, but I love my sleep.

Moving on, Kardashian then went on to say she filmed the entire thing as a reminder of why she doesn't drink a lot, but, no, she won't be sharing the video. Good call, Kim. Good call. The 34-year-old also revealed the inebriated hotel guest tried to use her credit car as the room key. I think it's safe to say this unexpected encounter was both funny, somewhat frightening, and awkward. Do you think the drunk lady recognized Kardashian? Now, the reality starlet didn't say she opened the door, but she did take a video of her... but that could've been through the peephole. Whatever the case, if they run into one other (like Kardashian tweeted she hopes happens), things might get a bit uncomfortable.

If you think about it, crazy things always seem to happen to Kardashian. I guess that comes with the territory of being famous, right? Let's take a minute to reflect on a few of those crazy times that prove Kardashian will probably never have a moment of peace.

When An Elephant "Attacked" Kim

Of course the KUWTK star got "attacked" by an elephant while trying to take a selfie in Thailand. Maybe it was karma for taking so many pictures of herself? Whatever the case, I'd totally let a sweet elephant "attack" me, because it's adorable!

When She Got Flour-Bombed On The Red Carpet


Remember that time Kardashian was flour-bombed at a red carpet event? However, rather than getting mad about it, she laughed it off. As she told E! News, "That probably is the craziest, unexpected, weird thing that's happened to me. Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that's a whole lot of translucent powder right there."

When Kim, Kanye, & North Photobombed Someone Else

All things lead to selfies and photobombs, at least when it comes to Kimmy K. A woman shared a cute Instagram photo, but what made the picture fantastic was the fact that Kim, Kanye West, and North were eating in the background. I guess you could say this was an accidental photobomb.

Just leave it to Kim Kardashian to provide us all kinds of entertainment and crazy moments.

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