Diane Lane's Terrible Boston Accent In 'The Perfect Storm' & 11 More Horrific Attempts At Sounding Like A Bostonian

Exactly one decade ago, The Perfect Storm was unleashed onto audiences and joined the realm of epic Hollywood disaster films. However, the gigantic nor'easter that nearly swallowed up a commercial fishing boat wasn't the only disaster in the film. Diane Lane's almost comically bad Bostonian accent is the stuff that Red Sox fans' nightmares are made of. To add insult to injury, she plays Mark Wahlberg's (read: Maahhhhk Waaahhhlberg's) girlfriend. He's the most Boston celebrity to ever Boston! Thankfully there is enough screen time dedicated to Wahlberg, George Clooney, and the gigantic storm to distract us all from Diana Lane's terrible Boston accent In The Perfect Storm .

To many-a-Bostonian's dismay, there have been a lot of really bad imitations of their accent in movies and television. Angela Peri, an expert dialect coach from Boston discussed in an interview with The Takeaway why the accent is so hard for actors to master, "No one can drop the 'R's.'" She also blamed a lack of local dialect coaches being used by the film industry, "Dialect coaches from California and what not, they don't even get the accents... This is a darn hard accent to learn unless you've lived here."

Obviously Diane Lane needed a little coaching from Peri before filming The Perfect Storm, take a look:

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As rough as this one is, the bad Boston accent goes well beyond Diane Lane's. In honor of the film's 10th anniversary, here are even worse, or at least equally bad attempts at sounding like you're from The City on a Hill.

Jack Nicholson, The Departed

Sri ram on YouTube

Wow, he really can't drop those R's. Or be consistent for that matter.

Tim Robbins, Mystic River

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For such a dramatic movie, he sure sounds like a cartoon.

Julianne Moore, 30 Rock

At least this one is purposefully bad.

Tom Hanks, Catch Me if You Can

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Oh Mr. Hanks, I expected better from you.

The Mullins Clan, The Heat

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Joey McIntyre passes, at least.

The Entire Cast of Boston Public

It's a show called Boston Public and NO ONE has a Boston accent...except Joey McIntyre who is actually from Boston.

joemcintyreenespanol on YouTube

Bless him.

The Entire Cast of Boston Legal

Vladimir Perić on YouTube

Again with the Boston shows without Boston accents! But I supposed it spared us from more bad accents.

Johnny Depp, Blow

pot4201000 on YouTube

I know the '70s had bad hair and a lot of polyester...but were the accents bad back then too?

Holly Hunter, Once Around

DreyfussFan on YouTube


Blake Lively, The Town

francktabouring on YouTube

The town Blake Lively is from is clearly not Boston. Oh well, JON HAMM!

Mel Gibson, Edge of Darkness

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Cher Horowitz would be so ashamed.

To cleanse you of these bad accents, here's something to lighten your mood:

I feel better now.