Can You Buy Amanda Seyfried's Song From 'Ted 2?' 'Mean Ol' Moon' Is Already An Instant Classic

Unsurprisingly, as you could probably guess from its trailers and all that's known about Seth MacFarlane, Ted 2, the filmmaker's new comedy, delivers some top-notch dirty humor. That's all great fun and reason to celebrate — but for those heading into theaters, what the trailers don't show is that the movie also contains some high-quality, gorgeous music, sung by none other than star Amanda Seyfried. In one quiet, romantic scene that everyone will certainly be talking about when they leave the theater, the actress grabs a guitar and sings a very pleasant song titled, "Mean Ol' Moon." It's a tune bound to stick in your head, and everyone will be clamoring to find out where they can get this beautiful little ditty after they leave the movie. Can you buy Seyfried's Ted 2 song?

Happily, "Mean Ol' Moon" is available for download on iTunes right now. Fans of Ted 2 can listen to the MacFarlane-penned song as much as they want, although it might lose something without the setting the movie provides. During the scene, Seyfried gives Mark Wahlberg a sweet serenade by the moonlit campfire as she lovingly strums her guitar. It's a song that sounds like it should be played on a phonograph or in a Woody Allen movie, but instead, it smiles on us in, of all places, a movie about a teddy bear who cracks jokes about genitals, poop and all things crude and politically incorrect — but hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

This isn't the first time that MacFarlane has written a song for one of his movies. The filmmaker wrote "Everybody Needs a Best Friend" for the first Ted, which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. This goes in line with MacFarlane's philosophy that "every good comedy has a good ballad or song." Perhaps Oscar will come knocking again this year.

If one version of "Mean Ol' Moon" isn't enough for you, the Ted 2 soundtrack has two other versions to download. In addition to Seyfried's movie rendition, there is an instrumental swing version and one where Norah Jones sings it — or you can just get all three. Whichever you choose, they are available for your downloading pleasure as soon as you leave the theater, even if you don't happen to have a live teddy bear by your side.