Shelli & Clay Are Bound For A Showmance On 'BB17'

Remember when the world stopped turning the day Big Brother 17 cast member Clay Honeycutt was introduced to us? Well, it stopped again the day Shelli and Clay met on the Big Brother 17 premiere. Shelli and Clay weren't just put in this house because the Big Brother producers thought they'd both make good houseguests. No. These two people were put in the house because there is a greater force of good in this world that believes in love. And it's not just me that thinks these two are going to get married at the end of this 98-day venture. Shelli and Clay are also on the same page as me, which means one thing: IT'S SHOWMANCE TIME.

On Wednesday, all the stars aligned when Clay and Shelli were put in the same group to enter the house. Clay spotted Shelli. Shelli spotted Clay. (OK, we all spotted Clay.) They exchanged glances that only meant one thing, these two are definitely going to get together. The good news, both of the new houseguests felt that ~sexy~ energy between them, so start the countdown, because as Flo Rida says, it's going down for real.

There are multiple reasons these two are a match made in Heaven. The first reason is because Shelli is 100 percent ready to become, what she calls, a puma (apparently, a puma is a younger "cougar."), because Clay is 10 years younger than her. I believe that's what some call fate. As Shelli said, "Clay is going to get me in trouble sometime. I'm 10 years older than that guy, but age is but a number, right?"

The second reason these two are going to become the new Kimye, apparently? Because they both have heart murmurs. In a moment of pure randomness, Shelli shares that she has a heart murmur, to which Clay (so sweetly responds), "So do I." He also thinks Shelli "takes the cake" as the most attractive woman in the house.

ARE YOU KIDDING? These two perfect humans are both attracted to each other and have an extra or unusual sound heard during a heartbeat? (Side note: When I saw Clay, I think I had a heart murmur, too. Not medically proven.)

So it's basically just a matter of time before these two get together. They will join a few other past couples in the Big Brother chapel, but I think it's safe to say Clay and Shelli are what #RelationshipGoals is all about.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS