BaubleBar Plans To Open First Retail Store In Long Island, So You Can Get Your Full Bling Fix IRL

Long Island, you're in for a big treat. Popular online jewelry site, BaubleBar is going to open their first retail store at the Roosevelt Field Mall — you know, just one of the country's largest malls, NBD. Co-founders Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky plan to draw in their target audience of trendy millennial ladies to their 1,200-square-foot location. Considering Jain and Yacobovsky have helped their brand grow by 200 percent in just the last year, reaching 1,500 orders every day, you can expect their first retail location to be just as hip and clean as their successful website.

It was only matter of time before BaubleBar established its first brick and mortar shop. The fact that the brand has slowly been experimenting with their offline sales was proof that they've been wanting to experiment with in-store shopping opportunities. BaubleBar accessories are currently sold at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Anthropologie, but as the estimated $75 million company grows, I'm sure their retail locations will provide a much wider selection.

Jain also mentioned how the brand's products are, "small and impulsive," which is why being limited to the confines of the internet and select stores can only last so long. Jain continues, "We want to be wherever our girl is, whenever she wants to buy the product." Hopefully this is a hint that many more upcoming retail locations will open across the country in the near future. Ring-adorned fingers crossed!

Images: baublebar/Instagram (2)