'The Mindy Project' + BaubleBar = COVET TIME

Amazing news everyone! BaubleBar and The Mindy Project (specifically, the show's costume designer, Salvador Perez) have teamed up for a collection of sure-to-be fabulous accessories. It's all about costume designer/retailer collaborations now, isn't it? We've got the super-fab Scandal x The Limited launching next week, Pretty Little Liars x Aeropostale recently released a back-to-school collection, and now this.

And I have to say, the partnership makes a lot of sense: While I'd love to see Perez do a delightfully quirky brightly hued, heavily mix-printed womenswear collection with a brand like J.Crew or Kate Spade, accessories have, rather famously, had their hand in the storytelling of the show. Who could forget Mindy's swoon-worthy "Cinderella" earrings that helped (finally) bring her and Danny together? Besides, a foray into jewelry created with a Mindy-approved level of blinginess in mind (which is to say, high) is major cause for celebration — especially when said blinginess comes at a very affordable price point.

Anyway, we already caught a sneak preview of some of the looks to come in this week's episode (which was fashionable as ever, by the way): Mindy wore a lovely pair of teardrop statement earrings to go with her mod sheath dress...


And she wore another pair of earrings from the line to rather glorious effect with her No. 21 bustier cocktail dress. Because if you're going to wear an outfit that's encrusted with jewels, you have to up your accessories game accordingly.

The collection launches October 7, and until then? I'll be waiting with bated breath.

Images: FOX; supernatasha/Tumblr