Will The All-Girls Alliance On 'Big Brother' Actually Last? Let's Hope History Doesn't Repeat Itself

"Cause we are sisters, we stand together," said one of the most influential girl bands of all time (The Cheetah Girls, of course). I imagine those are the words that are running though the three women's heads who formed the all-girls alliance on the Big Brother 17 premiere. On Wednesday's premiere, Shelli, Audrey, and Da'Vonne formed the first alliance of the season featuring three of the four women that entered the house on the first night. The three women all seem enthusiastic about their unnamed alliance, but the jury is still out if it will last, because let's call a spade a spade, all-girl alliances rarely work out.

To be the first person to suggest an alliance is a gutsy move in the Big Brother house. But to see these three women (more on how Meg is the biggest outsider in the world right now a bit later) push past the line dance of who is going to say the the word "alliance" first could bode well for women this season. I'm really pushing for some major girl power this season and these three could be the answer to my prayers.

And then there's Meg. Meg, WHO LOVES LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY, is not a part of this all-girl, no name alliance. Why? Probably because she was in the bathroom at the time these three girls were chatting about their future in the house. Was it worth it, Meg? Was relieving your bladder really worth the risk of missing out on $500,000? I want you to think about that when you're on the block.

OK, maybe that's not why she isn't apart of the alliance. Actually, no one even referenced Meg when they were talking about forming a team, at all. Maybe Audrey wasn't feeling "it" with her, as much as she was with Da'Vonne and Shelli. Oh, well. Meg, it might not be the worst thing to not be a part of an all-girl alliance. Because while I would love for it to work, the truth of the matter is that past seasons haven't been kind when the women in the house band together. Typical patriarchy.

And now, a moment to reflect on how hard Joey worked to make an all-girl alliance happen on Big Brother 16.

Images: CBS; LegendaryxLover/Tumblr