Watch These Babies Disrespect Nap Time After A Hidden Camera Reveals What They're Really Up To — VIDEO

I don't think I ever had a successful nap during all those kindergarten attempts. I remember with surprising clarity laying on my plastic nap mat on the ground among my small peers and playing episodes of Adventures of the Gummi Bears in my head or thinking about my expanding roster of crushes (I started being boy crazy early, maybe). In the past 20 years, it looks like youngsters are exactly the same, as hidden cameras show what babies really do during nap time.

I feel very much the adage "youth is wasted on the young" applies here. We see lots of young children totally disrespecting the most holy of hours—nap time—by not sleeping. I'd be so beyond the valley of stoked if adult world started embracing the idea of nap time. I know in Spain they are kind of doing that by practicing siesta, and it seems like everyone is a whole lot better for it. Think of the opportunity to charge your battery midday on the regular. I know I'd be a much more pleasant, patient, and positive human if given such a luxury. Anyway, it's fine, because I embrace my crotchety oldster POV and feel OK openly shaming these babies for disrespecting nap time. Tsk, tsk. Among non-napping activities caught on camera, we have:



"Oh. Hay. Sup."



So it begins. Not the napping part. That never happens. (Spoiler, sorry.)

The divide


Clearly, there's gonna be a bit of conflict if there's only one toy and two babies.

See the whole adorable mess below:

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Images: Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr; YouTube(3)