Obamacare, Served With a Side of Celebrity

Want your blood pressure screened with a side of Desperate Housewives? Et voila: On Tuesday, The Hill reported that the White House is working to recruit Hollywood celebrities to help promote Obamacare, according to a top celebrity political advisor.

Trevor Neilson, who also worked with the Clinton White House, said he's in talks with the Obama administration and that his clients are "looking at ways to be involved." The names on the list include Eva Longoria, John Legend, and a host of other celebrities. Past clients reportedly include Madonna and Shakira.

"I think the White House is very wise to identify partners to help market the Affordable Care Act," Neilson said Tuesday. "Just like any good product, when people are aware of the many benefits it provides, there will be increased demand."

Obamacare is set to roll out October 1. If the President can't convince the American population of universal healthcare's immense benefits, hopefully Madonna will have better luck.