Even Bobby Jindal's Children Are Already Bored Of His Campaign

The underlying story of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's presidential announcement isn't necessarily the announcement itself, which many were expecting, but rather the way in which it was presented. The GOP candidate posted a bizarre video Wednesday in which he and wife Supriya were seated with their children around a table on their patio, filmed from above with a camera nestled between two trees. The whole conversation looks like one long, drawn out candid camera sketch despite supposedly being the biggest news of Jindal's political career. After some forced but brief banter, the couple make their big announcement: their father — excuse me, "we," as the candidate implies it's both him and Supriya — is running for president. Jindal's kids knew about his candidacy and couldn't care less, though.

Jindal takes his signature awkward rambling and forced politicizing and sets it in motion when telling his kids that he wanted them to hear his big news first. According to Jindal, he and Supriya prayed and thought an awful lot about this. Continues Jindal in a particularly cringe-worthy segment of this glorified security camera video:

Um, the word is out, Bobby, and you most likely knew that when you were filming your whole family via creeper cam. Perhaps the greatest gem of the entire video is Jindal's son's unironic and unabashed love of Iowa, a state that he's all too familiar with given the governor's constant campaigning despite only formally announcing this week. Supriya even laughs at her son's enthusiasm all the while Jindal continues in the same weird dad vein:

Hell yes, nods his son. And what does Jindal's son so love about the Hawkeye State? Its popcorn. After some prodding from Jindal, he recalls deeply enjoying a candy bar he ate on his last trip there as well. The video eventually devolves into a Q&A session between Supriya and her son and fades to the widely mocked Jindal presidential logo before the couple can even answer their son's question of "how does this work?" There you have it, though: popcorn is more exciting to Jindal's kids than his presidential campaign.

Image: Getty, Facebook